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How everything got started Empty How everything got started

Post by onclebens on Thu 7 Aug - 23:50

I live in France, i'm 32 years old and i'm a mechanical technician with engineer skills. I do love to engineer parts and i have some skills to CAD them. Making RC parts is not my main job, it's just a hobby that allow me to chat with people all around the world.
The first part i've made was the famous 14 to 17mm adaptors. I've made around 10 kits and they all gone very quickly. Then i was thinking to make more parts. I've find a very good machinist who accepted to work for me and my little run parts... So everything started.
My French friend Kikimax ask me to work with him on a low center of gravity nitro chassis. He has ideas, i have cad and drawings skills...
It takes around 4 months to engineer it and was a very good experience. Then he asked me to work on a LCG brushless chassis : the ph@ntom.
It takes only 1 month for us to engineer it.
Then so much parts comes after. Here you'll can discover them.

We are all Maxx lovers and if you're here, think you're in the same case.
There was some lovers that making few parts for Maxx, the problem was to give the parts some show to let people know the offers. I've started a Facebook group :  but it's not the best place to promote all our stuff, so i've decided to create this forum "showroom" and ask Kmaxx Kustoms to join adventure. If you're making stuff and wanted to join us, email me.

I did not want this showroom become a forum, Facebook or others forum are enough, so i don't accept members on this page.

Enjoy guys!!!!!

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