GARC Bulkheads Mod (for custom set screw style ejector pin hinge pins)

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GARC Bulkheads Mod (for custom set screw style ejector pin hinge pins)

Post by wheelman on Mon 11 Aug - 1:39

I started doing this mod about a year and a half ago, and it gained popularity quite quickly. I made a set for myself and posted pictures of them on the UE forum, and ever since, I've been making them for others. I've probably made a few dozen full sets of them at this point. So, if you're interested in this service, just shoot me an email, and we can set it up.  It requires you shipping your bulkheads to me so I can drill and tap them, and also I will need to know what suspension you will be using on the bulkheads, because the length of pin required sometimes differs from one suspension type to another. I also just sell the pins, if you have bulkheads that already have the set screw holes in them from the factory.

Here are some pics of the process.

I drill & tap an M3 hole in the top & bottom of the bulkheads, for the set screws that will hold the pins in.

Then I cut custom length hinge pins from Plastixs brand ejector pin material, and grind a groove in them where the set screw will hold them into the bulkhead.

And once installed, the pins are flush with each end of the arms.

The most attractive features about this mod are that the Plastixs Ejector pin material is very hard, and actually snaps instead of bends. So, when you do hit something hard enough, the pin just snaps into 2 separate pieces, which can be removed a lot easier than a stock or Titanium pin which has bent inside the arm and bulkhead.  Also, the single set screw retention system is much easier than messing with those pesky little e-clips that we're so used to seeing with the aftermarket hinge pins. Remove the set screw and the pin will come right out.


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