Examples: Custom Work

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Examples: Custom Work

Post by wheelman on Mon 11 Aug - 4:43

Here are a few of the custom requests I've fulfilled for other Supermaxx enthusiasts

I'll start it off with my custom Vinyl Decals I make. Some of you will recognize these Centralemaxx RC decals I made for Greg

An HVL Tunnel I modified to work with a Monoblock

A Predator chassis I modified for center diff spur clearance

Titanium Skidplates I cut down to fit the UE HVL Chassis







Two UE Monoblocks I modified to fit together

A rear strobe brace I modified to fit with a knucklehead style wing mount

Ofna Dominator links I modified to fit the Racer X links (retapped to M6 left hand threads)

A custom center skid I made for a G2 chassis, to mount an RCM Center Diff mount

I will try to keep this updated with any new custom jobs I've done, so stay tuned.


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