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Post by Gman on Sat 21 Mar - 19:49

This mod allows you to run the losi xxl2 8mm axles in the rpm knuckles.

This is my latest idea replacing the 15x21x4mm inner bearing and insert with a 15x24x5mm flanged bearing.
As you can see in the pic its a much beefier set up.

I bore out the knuckles to fit 8x16x5mm outer and a 15x24x5 flanged inner bearing.
You can either use the exsisting hole in the axle and put a spacer behind the hex or I can redrill the axles to fit up close to the outer bearing.
I have found it best to use the exsisting hole and a 5mm spacer behind the hex. This way allow you to move the axles inward more if needed.
You can also add a boot ring to the cvd to run the traxxas rubber boots if desired.
Cost for this mod is as follows

(4) machine rpm knuckles to fit larger bearings ---------------------- 20.00
(4) Redrill axles for hex ----------------------------------------- -------10.00
(4) Grind ends of axles back just below hex   --------------------------- nc
(4) make custom fit spacers for behind or in front of hex------------ 5.00

(4) supply 5mm axle screws w/HD washers ---------------------------   nc
(4) supply inner and outer avid bearings ------------------------------10.00
(4) custom made alum boot rings --------------------------------------25.00
Aluminum pillow ball rings -------------------------   6 = 15.00   8 = 20.00

I can also supply the axles and knuckles and hexes at the cheapest ebay prices I can find or you can send to me.
Axles, 17mm vorza hexes, bearings and pillow ball rings in stock. Shipping = 5.00 
losi axle mod Rpm_kn10

 losi axle mod Rpm_1510
losi axle mod Boot_h10
Heres my little  jig to drill them with.
losi axle mod Drill_10


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