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Hindge pin braces Empty Hindge pin braces

Post by Gman on Sat 21 Mar - 20:05

These braces I have cut on a waterjet. There made from 1/16" thick Grade 5 titanium. There held on with the head of an ejector pin.
Some tech notes to consider:
- You will either have to have bulks with set screws to hold the pins in place or use little set screw collars on the other end.
- The braces are 1/16" thick and the heads on the pins I like to leave about .045 (I can make thinner if needed)  so you need about 1/8" clearance between the back of the front arms and the servo saver arms for clearance.
- Due to the nature of this kind of part and the slight varying tolerances on the parts they fit on I cant guarantee they will slide right on everybodys particular set up. They will most likely require a little reaming or filing on the 1/8" holes one way or the other to make fit. 
Price for the hindge pin braces  --  ----------------------10.00 ea.
Price to Supply and mod the ejector pins to fit with single inner brace and set screw bulk --  3.00
Price to supply and mod the ejector pins to fit with inner and outer brace ---------------------6.00 (includes set screw collar)
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