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1717 motor plate Empty 1717 motor plate

Post by Gman on Sat 21 Mar - 20:13

I didn't make this but theres a guy on ebay who makes some alum motor plates to mount the 1717 to a brushless tranny and still retain the gear cover.
I wanted a stronger oneĀ to hold the beast so I had him make me this one out of 1/8" thick stainless steel. also had him shorten the slot and leave the shaft opening blank so I could drill a hole just where needed. I would have preferredĀ some thick 7075 plate but he said the ss was all he had. Ya, Its a bit heavy but im pretty shore its not going to bend. He only charged me 20.00 to make it.
1717 motor plate Ss_mot10
1717 motor plate 1717_w10


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