Custom body posts

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Custom body posts

Post by Gman on Fri 12 Jun - 1:38

These are some custom body posts that I make with a rubber grommet that fits into the body. They have custom made aluminum perchs and include the proline threaded caps.
The posts are made from  5/16" round nylon  6/6 to fit the ue style towers. They are not a perfect flush fit on the front because of the slant of the towers on the maxx, but I find they go together without a problem. 23.04.201723.04.201715:18:5415:18:55The body holes will need to be reamed out to 27/64" to fit the rubber grommets.
I have found the best way to mount the body to them is like any other post on a maxx. Drill the front holes first, then put the body on and screw on the caps,  THEN mark and drill the rear holes.
45.00 a set shipped.  In stock

I can also make post holders for them for just about any towers. Heres some angled holders for Wheelmans Ti Towers.  7.5 deg. for the front and either straight or 4 deg for the cmaxx rear bulkheads. that will hold the post up straight and allow the proline caps to fit flush with the body.


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