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Post by Gman on Thu 22 Sep - 14:53

The cen axles can also be used with rpm and other knuckles too. To do this i bore out the outer to 16mm and the inner to hold a 10x26x8mm. 
cen axle mod Cen_ax10
cen axle mod Cen_cv10
They will also fit the trutrac but will require axle stubs and separate longer cups. (cups in stock) 
I can also mod the STRC knuckles to fit with a 8x16x5mm or 8x19x6mm outer and a 10x22x6mm inner
cen axle mod Strc_c10
The axles themselves can be ground to fit them with a racerx suspension too. 
cen axle mod Img_4010
cen axle mod Cen_ax11
shown with a spacer for mock up


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