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Post by onclebens on Fri 8 Aug - 0:28


Price 40$ each, Ø6 or Ø8 and whatever lenght up to 160m.

I can provide stainless steel custom dogbones in Ø6mm or Ø8mm.
To sell them at this price, i must have a run of 10 dogbones, even if they are not the same. So it takes more or less time, depending on asks i have.
I use to make 5 runs each year.

If you need, just email me the Ø, lenght pin to pin and quantity you need.

How to take measurement :

custom dogbones Dogbon10

custom dogbones 19814_10

custom dogbones 29978510

custom dogbones 42182710

custom dogbones 13792210

custom dogbones 13935310

custom dogbones 19600010

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