Strobe Slipper replaccement adjuster nut and sprong

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Strobe Slipper replaccement adjuster nut and sprong

Post by blazerss on Wed 6 Aug - 4:10

This replaces your original Strobe adjuster nut and sprong.  I updated the design of the adjuster nut to include a 8mm hex as oppose to the knurled outer edge.  This allows for more precise adjustments and allows you to really tighten it as tight as possible.  The sprongs are made from black delrin as oppose to the original Strobe material which was compressed blue nylon.  I have had multiple people run this sprong and have had good results from them. I have also changed the thickness of the sprong. The reason behind the change is that with the original sprong you couldn't install the sprong, adjuster nut, and the nylon locknut and still have the threads reach the nylon section of the locknut (or at least I never could). So I made the sprongs thinner to allow the locknut to be installed and to have the threads actually reach the nylon part of the nut.  I can make the sprong in any thickness you need if your just looking for a replacement for your original adjuster nut.  I have these parts in stock.

Srobe sprong and adjuster nut installed and the thread not reaching the nylon

My sprong installed with the Strobe adjuster nut and the thread getting into the nylon

My parts on the left, Strobe parts on the right



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