How Kmaxx Kustoms got started

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How Kmaxx Kustoms got started Empty How Kmaxx Kustoms got started

Post by blazerss on Wed 6 Aug - 0:38

Kmaxx Kustoms started out as just me making a very few custom small parts for myself and then for friends.  I'm a manual machinist, so making things is what I do all day long.  Overtime I started having more and more request for parts and then the quantities started to get larger.  I have access to manual equipment at work, but my access is limited by various factors that I can't control, so I started looking for ways to have parts run on CNC equipment.  Generally I will make a rough prototype of a part and even a free hand drawing with dimensions and then go to my machinist (yes, I'm a machinist with a machinist I hire, haha) to get CAD drawings made and have parts run on CNC equipment.  This process saves time and money for everyone involved.  I do still take on Kustom one off request for parts, but just keep in mind that my machine access to work on my own parts is limited and I can't control it.  This means it takes me a while to complete things when I'm making them manually.


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