Universal Center Diff Mount (1717 compatible)

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Universal Center Diff Mount (1717 compatible)

Post by wheelman on Sun 7 Dec - 8:18

This was a joint effort project between myself and K-Maxx Kustoms. Our universal center diff mount. We designed it not only to be stronger than the competition, but to also accept the large can (and M4 mounting screws) of a Castle 1717 motor. Standard 1/8 brushless motors also fit, of course. Also, we designed it so the motor can be removed from the vehicle without disrupting gear mesh...just remove the two long M4 bolts on each side of the motor mount, and the top half of the mount comes off, still attached to the motor.

Contact Kris at K-Maxx Kustoms for pricing and availability.

Side by side comparison between our mount and RC-Monster's universal mount.

Contact info: mustangboyy6@yahoo.com

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